This Halloween Share Your Treats with Our Troops!

This Halloween donate some of that extra Halloween candy to our troops! 

Fusion Dental-Reston is joining the program “Treats for Troops.”  Treats for Troops collects all that uneaten Halloween candy that our kids (and we!) have left over after October 31st – and distributes it worldwide to U.S. military troops.  

It’s easy.  Just bring us your unopened Halloween candy between November 1st and November 9th  to our office at 11503 Sunrise Valley Drive in Reston, Virginia. We will match your candy with toothbrushes and toothpaste to send to the troops as well.  Feel free to write a letter, or card, and enclose a photo or two. Our troops are always looking for news from home to brighten their day and make them feel like they are not forgotten.

Pediatric dentists Dr. Averne and Dr. Fernandes are joining me and Patient Scheduling Manager Willette Boyette in coordinating the Treats for Troops program, and any of us can provide more details or answer any questions.  

On behalf of Fusion Dental – Reston, thank you for remembering our troops this Halloween through Treats for Troops!  Have a safe and happy Halloween!