Letter From Dr. Bob

Welcome to the Fusion Dental website! 

When the Dental Arts Center and Greater Maryland Dental Partners merged, our collective vision was for a new name that symbolized the unique and distinct dental practices that we had brought together. We wanted a name that represented the wide range and comprehensive nature of all the specialties and techniques now available to our patients, within our seven offices.   

Key in our minds was that Fusion Dental bring you dental health with the utmost professionalism and provide you with the best possible service, recognizing that your time is precious and convenience is vital. Fusion Dental has locations and extended hours designed to fit your family’s busy lifestyle. 

At Fusion Dental, you will find that all of our doctors attend state-of-the-art continuing education and most of our specialists have achieved board certification. Whether you need preventative or extensive dental services, Fusion Dental will fulfill your needs in a caring environment. 

Fusion Dental is also working within our local communities, and you may find us at your child’s school providing mouth guards for athletes, or at a local health fair teaching youngsters the proper method of brushing. We feel strongly that, in addition to our time spent in the offices, our time invested in the public communicating the message about the importance of dental health is of equal importance.   

Fusion Dental. We chose our name carefully. We chose it to reflect our commitment to our service to you. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Gregory Bob, D.D.S.
Fusion Dental

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