Fusion Dental-Bethesda Sponsors Second Annual Big Train Celebrity Softball Classic

Societies have long recognized the importance of youth sports to the development of character and citizenship. So when Fusion Dental – Bethesda had the opportunity to get involved in a community event that would impact youth sports, we jumped right in. Fusion Dental is committed to community involvement, and we were excited to participate in a new event: the second annual Big Train Celebrity Softball Classic with proceeds going to improve youth ball fields in our area.

As a sponsor of the event, staff from Fusion Dental’s Bethesda office mingled with the crowd of over 1,400 fans on Saturday April 20th. The sold-out crowd came to watch a team of college and professional players vie against members of the media who cover them. The Athletes vs. The Media battled it out on Shirley Povich Field, with the Athletes winning 10-3. The Athletes were led by MVP Byron Mouton (Maryland Terrapins Basketball) who had two doubles in the game.

Representatives from the Washington Redskins, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, Fox, Comcast SportsNet and 106.7 The Fan participated. In addition to myself, Dr. Christine Sullivan, along with Office Manager Jaime Byerly, and staff members Hannah Menapace and Sergio Soria, distributed over two hundred toothbrushes and gave dental advice to the crowd from our booth.

The Big Train non-profit organization and summer baseball league is named after local baseball legend Walter Johnson who played for the Washington Senators from 1907 to 1927. He is one of the “Five Immortals” – selected as one of the first to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Through funds raised by The Big Train, the Shirley Povich Ball Field was built and named for the famous Washington Post sports writer. Povich covered local baseball starting with the days of Walter Johnson and running through the Cal Ripken era.

Our office has been involved with numerous community outreach events in the past year. We are always looking for new opportunities to educate families about the importance of dental health to overall health, and reach children when they are young about the importance of good oral health care. We hope that the kids, parents, athletes and members of the media all remember to use those toothbrushes!

When Should my Child See the Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children have an initial orthodontic evaluation (not necessarily treatment) by an orthodontic specialist by the age of seven. Although some children may need early intervention, most children are placed on a recall system, meaning that we will keep track of your child for re-evaluation. This enables the orthodontist to select the optimal window of opportunity to help a growing and changing child. 

Contrary to 20-30 years ago when children saw an orthodontist for the first time after all their baby teeth had fallen out at about age 12, today’s standard of care can involve two phases of treatment. This two phase treatment plan does not double the treatment, but rather divides it. 

Phase I Treatment: usually done when a child still has many baby teeth, typically 8-10 years of age, and usually lasts about one year. There are corrections that are easily achieved and possible at this early age, but may be difficult or impossible later on. For instance, an expansion of the palate to alleviate crowding and/or bite irregularities can be done easily at an early age, often very simply with just an expander, whereas an older child may require surgery to attain the same result. At the end of active Phase I Treatment, retainers are usually implemented to maintain the achieved results.

Phase II Treatment: usually occurs when a child has lost all of their baby teeth. At this time more adult teeth have erupted and braces are needed to work on all of the teeth and to complete treatment. This involves full braces on both the top and bottom teeth.  Wisdom teeth are also assessed at this time.

Also contrary to 20-30 years ago when extractions of four permanent teeth were almost the norm with braces, two phase treatment has made it possible to avoid extractions in most cases. With two phase treatment, the percentage of patients needing extractions has drastically decreased with patients achieving better overall results.

At Fusion Dental, we offer complimentary orthodontic consultations. During this visit, you can expect a thorough examination of your child, an assessment of whether treatment is necessary, and when the best time would be to start. This is a free information session for you. Furthermore, we will discuss different treatment options that may be available, and you will have the opportunity to ask the orthodontist any questions. You will also meet with the financial/insurance coordinator to discuss financing, and we will work with you to accommodate your particular situation and needs. 

At Fusion Dental, we don’t want anything to stand in the way of your child’s beautiful and healthy smile!